San Marcos Elementary Sign in Buena Creek Neighborhood
Beautiful house in Buena Creek Neighborhood was constructed on elevation provides interesting approach from street.
Recently home for sale has been made available for sale. The home is tastefully upgraded, add-ons include but are not limited to baked brick walls, statues and fresh front/backyard landscape
Single story home with white trim supports set of 4 large trees in its front yard, dramatically enhancing its attraction while providing privacy from streets on goings.
View from the street of this amazing single family with 3 car garage and white trim including wooden pergola frames at entrance.
Home in Buena Creek on a lot supporting large front yard.
A stunning craftsman bungalow home plan in Buena Creek offers all modern amenities and construction features like vaulted patio, 3 car garage and covered walkways.
With Dark Wooden Trim, two car garage along with spiraling baked brick pillars at entrance, This Buena Creek Home is a very attractive option for Vista California living.
A beautiful romantic Provincial style home is part of quiet and peaceful single family home Buena Creek community in Vista California.
Tree swing setup in front of the house in Buena Creek Neighborhood
Buena Creek neighborhood has diverse architectural styles; the subject property is a traditional style home residing in Buena Creek.
A view of Beuna Creek home from the street, the single family two story home has lush lawns, perfect place for kids to play in.
This baked red brick house is part of peaceful family friendly neighborhood of Buena Creek Vista California
Buena Creek neighborhood was built upon a very fertile land, the residents like to grow all sorts of plants, the subject property is known on street as Rose Garden house
A beautiful home with three car garage plan with beige and white trim had numerous add-ons including the lamp posts on drive entrance.